HAppY New yEaR

I want all of my friends, followers, visitors to my webpage and collectors to know how so very grateful I am for you and to Thank You for your support. You’ve made a difference in my life and hopefully I’ve made a difference in yours. I’m going gallery hunting in the new year so hopefully I can find a happy partnership to introduce some groovy art into homes far and wide. The pic is of a new fellow named Snoop, he’s almost complete and measures 36”x36”. Much love and heath this new year for all of you!!


I made it....

I gotta say I have a whole new respect for Momma's. I've just recovered (after 6 Months) of giving birth to my lil one (Bowie). Seriously! I feel like It was all a dream looking back. It's incredible what sleep deprivation does to a person..haha

That being said I've managed to crack off a few new paintings and am exited to release them. They will be up at this years artwalk in Lake Country. So hopefully I see you there! Mucha lovah. xoxo

SettinG uP ShoP

Hi Everyone long time no Blog..ahaha


I've recently completed some smaller pieces that I can 'Handle' The shipping on. Please be patient with me as I get used to selling direct from my webpage and allow a couple days for items to ship, I am after all 7 months into pregnancy and preparing for the craziest ride of my human existence. lol. 

Please feel free to leave comments on Art and/or suggestions on raising a child.

ArTwALk 2017

I am sooooooo exited for this years ARtWalk. I have so much art for everyone to see. Come and have a look at what I call my 'zoo'.

Also, My STORE is FINALLY up and running. However low on stock! I will try and make sure I stock up for the holiday shopping season and making some of my LARGE original pieces available online.

For right now only shipping in Canada.


It'S jUst ArT DarLing

Well I think I have this ALMOST figured out. I never realized how technically challenged I really am being that I'd much rather be painting!

I really looking forward to getting my art out there in the world this year, I just had confirmation for a solo Exhibit at JoJo's in the lovely town of Osoyoos but that is way, way off... the reason for this big push on my art is to help with my IVF treatment happening this spring and at my age it should be interesting!!

Looking at getting my store functioning this weekend and will post my current works in progress here too!!