I am currently located in the okanagan valley, one of the most beautiful places in the world, i relocated here after a brief reawakening in a memorably colder winter in alberta in 2003.

*I’ve been with the same partner for 16 years and still have to plan a wedding. we have one child (i named after david bowie).

*I live for quality chocolate and bed linens.

*artists are common in my bloodlines. several of us making a profession in it.


*I’ve placed in the top 5 for the last 4 years at the lake country art walk out of over 200 artists.

*My first car was a standard gm tracker, i stalled it a lot.

*i rescued a rottweiller puppy when i was 30yrs old, i’m sure that he was the one that rescued me.

*i travelled alot in my younger years without facebook, gps, or a cellphone..whhaaaaaaat???

I believe…..

-In hidden beauty, sometimes it isn’t right in front of you.

-In simpleness and loyalty

-That life is a gift made to be lived

-To share information but not to know everything, there is ALWAYS something to learn.

-In working everyday on what we love, and that if we fail, to only work harder

-That time has no power over the enduring soul

-To leave it better than I found it.

-To always try to be kind even to those that aren’t kind to me

-Sometimes our greatest mistakes are our biggest successes.